Not too long ago the following statement was made in a prominent national publication: "Most residential concrete is of poor quality. It is seldom cured at all ..." Perhaps this is an exaggerated statement, but any inferior concrete is still too much. There is a great tendency for everyone to blame someone else: the specs don't have adequate standards; the concrete isn't up to standard when delivered; the builder won't pay enough to allow for curing. The sad part of it is that these complaints have become too commonplace but it need not be this way! Fortunately there is some evidence that the giant is becoming restless. The program calling for the qualification of the contractor, the licensing of the testing lab and the certifying of the ready mix producer, as advocated and promoted by leading industry spokesman, Roger Corbetta, is an outstanding example. But let's ask some pertinent questions: Mr. Contractor, are you mad? Have you examined the concrete codes in the communities in which you work? Are you one of those who adds unusually large quantities of water to the concrete? Are you trying to sell your work and your product or do you just set back and wait for the work to come to you? Do you show potential customers the difference between quality concrete and the inferior kind? Have you ever attended your industry's national conventions where these problems are discussed? It is time for every one of us in the concrete industry to get fighting mad about what is now going on in this business. But the contractor himself must get up on his haunches and start fighting his own battles. Mr. Contractor are you mad enough to fight for what you know is right in this business? The editors of Concrete Construction magazine are committed to the stand that we should make it tougher and tougher to let bad workmanship get by unchallenged.