This premium line of products for vertical surfaces is an ideal addition to Dry-Treat’s world leading impregnating cleaners and sealers.

Dry-Treat has specialized in the R&D of silane impregnators for over 26 years. Our new product range is silane-based and offers superior, long lasting protection on a variety of masonry and engineered concrete surfaces. From water and oil repellents to impregnating creams and sealers, Dry-Treat’s new line is formulated to provide superior protection.

The new line of products includes S-Tech 100M, a masonry sealer formulated for dense materials like brick, precast concrete & cultured stone as well as S-Tech 100Cci, an engineered concrete sealer with added corrosion inhibitors for the protection of steel rebar.

“At ICP Construction we are proud of more than a quarter century of innovation and formulating superior silane based impregnators,” said Angus Junkin, Vice President of Environmental, Stone & Masonry Group of ICP Construction. “Engineered for superior performance, Dry-Treat’s new line of silane impregnators is the optimal sealant solution for building envelope consultants and masonry professionals.”

Dry-Treat’s extensive focus in the research and development of world leading treatments for porous building materials has led them to excel as leaders in impregnating sealer technology. With distribution in over 40 countries, Dry-Treat products currently protect and maintain millions of homes and iconic buildings around the world.

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