Submittals are a time-consuming but important part of construction projects which help ensure that the work meets contract requirements and the contractor achieves the quality standard established by the specifications.

Specifying Submittals

According to the CSI Manual of Practice, administrative and procedural requirements for submittals should be specified in Division 1- General Requirements, because they apply to all project submittals. Submittals required for a specific portion of the work should be specified in the appropriate technical section in Divisions 2-16.

Submittal Procedures

Submittals must be reviewed and approved before construction can begin. Though many of the required submittals may actually be prepared by subcontractors, suppliers, fabricators, or manufacturers, the general contractor must check all submittals, stamp and sign them, assemble them with transmittal forms, then submit them to the A/E for review.

Shop Drawings

Shop drawings illustrate some detail of the construction. They typically are prepared by a manufacturer or fabricator for use in producing items, and as an aid to the contractor in coordinating the work with adjacent construction.

Product Data

Fabricated products such as masonry accessories typically require the submittal of manufacturer's product data rather than shop drawings.


Samples may be required for masonry units, colored mortars, and some selected accessory items.

QA/QC Submittals

Quality assurance and quality control submittals include test reports, manufacturer or contractor certifications, and other documentary data. These submittals usually are for information only.