Stances on infrastructure funding and immigration are just some of the issues that may impact the construction industry depending on the outcome of this year's midterm elections. In regards to infrastructure, the federal gas tax hasn't increased since 1993 and the Highway Trust Fund, which supports the nations roads bridges and surface transportation projects, is nearly empty. An increase in the tax has had some bipartisan support in Congress, though many lawmakers say they don't want to add another tax to the working class.

Conflicts over construction of the U.S.-Mexico border wall may affect the industry in several ways. If constructed, the $22 billion project would create up to tens of thousands of jobs. Even so, this might deter or prevent the much needed labor of immigrant workers, which would be a blow to the already suffering U.S. construction labor pool. Groups like the Associated General Contractors of America have stepped in to request a temporary guest worker program that would give skilled workers abroad permission to work in the U.S.

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