The new Minnich 50 cc back pack model and the updated 35 cc unit are designed to maximize operator comfort, mobility and productivity during concrete consolidation.

All-new features will include:

  • An ergonomically designed, fully adjustable harness that reduces strain and fatigue.
  • A throttle assembly with combined quick disconnect that allows the core/casing to be changed out in seconds.
  • A throttle assembly that is part of the core casing, enabling operators to use both hands to lower and lift the vibrator into and out of the concrete.
  • A throttle lock that lets operators move their hands up and down the core/casing while lifting and lowering.

Each model will be equipped with a Honda mini 4-stroke engine for reliable performance, and the 35 cc version will have an all-position diaphragm carburetor for operation in any position without stalling. All core/casings and vibrator heads are interchangeable among all Minnich electric- and gas-powered motors, giving contractors equipment flexibility.

“Minnich is passionate about making construction workers’ jobs easier and more efficient,” said Rob Minnich, vice president of marketing at Minnich. “Our new and improved back pack vibrators will help operators stay comfortable and consolidate concrete longer.”

The new back pack vibrators are expected to be available in summer 2017.

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