The campaign to implement life-cycle budgeting at the federal, state, and local level today announced a new television advertisement. Timed to Congress being on recess, the TV ad urges policymakers to adopt a life-cycle budgeting method to ensure that infrastructure projects maximize taxpayer investments.

Life-cycle budgeting helps to ensure that infrastructure projects are accurately planned and estimated from design through construction through future years of maintenance.

Leading economists suggest policymakers need to make informed choices about how to best allocate funds to ensure that infrastructure gets repaired/modernized and that budgets are not overrun when a project experiences unexpected problems or short-sighted planning.

The ad will run on CNBC nationwide, including the Chicago, IL media market.


SCRIPT: It would be a mistake for America not to invest in rebuilding our infrastructure. But the worst mistake? Not getting the best deal for taxpayers. But in the Senate, reforms like life-cycle budgeting are building support. Price it right the first time- and get the real costs for the life of the project. No surprises. Driving a better long-term deal instead of driving into one of these.

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