The Portland Cement Association (PCA) has launched a new podcast series. Hard Facts is a podcast that examines the best way to pay for the nation’s transportation infrastructure. The association will explore money-saving tools available to planners and builders through interviews with members of the U.S. Administration, and relevant industries.

The premiere episode titled Saving Tax Dollars Begins with Life Cycle Cost Analysis features PCA President & CEO Michael Ireland explaining the Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) approach to planning infrastructure projects and makes the case why this tool will stretch federal investment dollars.

“It’s taking a look at a way to make sure the money you’re spending is spent wisely. That’s why we encourage using Life Cycle Cost Analysis, “Ireland says in the first episode. “We’re not telling you what product essentially is going to be picked or endorsing one particular product over another, the actual engineering tool does that. There’s going to be places where one product is better than another product, and perhaps both products are used on different parts of the system. It’s fair, it’s engineering, and it’s science.”

The PCA helps promotes safety, sustainability, and innovation in all aspects of construction, fosters continuous improvement in cement manufacturing and distribution and generally promotes economic growth and sound infrastructure investment.