Deryl Beakley has owned C&W Manufacturing since 1992 where he led the company to become the most sought after dust control solution with high quality dust collectors in the concrete/construction industries. Partnering with B12 Capital Partners will provide a stronger footing for C&W into the future with expanded sales, investments and technology.

Deryl Beakley will retain his position as CEO and remain in the ownership group. C&W Manufacturing’s headquarters will remain in Alvarado, Texas with the same management team and employees.

“This is an exciting time for everyone at C&W Manufacturing, “Deryl Beakley said “We look forward to a synergistic partnership with B12 and expanding our product line and market presence in the concrete industry. Our customers will remain the driving force to provide quality products and outstanding customer service – our business philosophy will not change – it will only improve over the coming years.”

Mike Wedel, a partner at B12 Capital, says "C&W Manufacturing is a great company that does business throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America. It's a well-run company with a great management team that we're proud to be a part of." B12 Capital has served operating and investor roles in material handling and has a solid understanding of the industry.

C&W Manufacturing

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