Bart Jones was 12 years old when he began pulling levers and sliding scales to manually batch mixers with his family in western Pennsylvania. The concrete industry has always been a part of Jones’ roots, so it was only natural that he start his own business in 2007.

Despite having to ship in sand from more than four hours away, Carolina Ready Mix & Builders Supply provides contractors and government agencies throughout western North Carolina with ready-mixed concrete, Verti-Crete precast retaining walls, and related accessories including rebar and reinforcing wire, masonry tools and mortar, and aggregates from three plants in Asheville, North Carolina’s 12th-largest city. Products include high-strength, fiber-reinforced, high-early, lightweight, pervious, jointless, self-consolidating, and flowable-fill concrete; custom mix designs; and integrally colored concrete.

The company’s service area in the Blue Ridge Mountains complicates the process of safely delivering product on time. The fact that there have been no major accidents involving the mixer fleet is a testament to the caliber of the company’s drivers.

Fostering an environment of accountability and respect helps ensure very little turnover. “Having a great group of employees who care makes all the difference in the world,” says Jones.

All plants have enclosed batchers and hot water to maintain concrete quality during winter. With recent upgrades, competitors will be looking to keep up with the Joneses. Two years ago, the company invested in state-of-the-art plant and central batch equipment, real-time fleet management solutions, and the latest communication technology. “We have a few more tricks up our sleeves as it relates to future technology, and we’re excited to start seeing the results of those efforts,” says Jones.

While he’s not necessarily looking to expand, he’s always looking for new opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

“We’re just looking to settle in and take good care of our customers,” says Jones.