iStrada is a mobile friendly concrete delivery management system that includes a paperless ticketing App and an open platform for concrete producers and their customers. iStrada revolutionizes the customer experience, by providing contractors:

  • Real-time delivery updates
  • Audio notification to your customer when the truck is loaded, leaves plant, and on its way to the job
  • Track deliveries on Google map
  • Daily, weekly, monthly summary of deliveries per job
  • Place order requests online
  • Review and pay bills online**

For concrete producers, using their smart phones they can:

  • Have real-time, hand free voice communication with drivers. Say good­bye to radios, canned messages, and calling driver's cell phones
  • Email digitized signed tickets. No more missing tickets, no more damaged tickets
  • Email batch weights upon request
  • Update truck statuses automatically**
  • Search any hot ticket, old or new, within a matter of a second
  • Review delivery report by job, by plant, by customer, and by the date range you define
  • Bill the customers on the same day**

Dispatchers are now truly dispatchers rather than "firefighters", "truck trackers" or "liars". By sharing the delivery information in real time with customers through iStrada, dispatchers can focus on dispatching orders and trucks efficiently. Work stress is significantly reduced. With digitized delivery tickets, there will be no ticket mailing, scanning, indexing or comparing. Concrete producers no longer need to spend money on scanners, electronic imaging software and document center.

**Automatic truck status updates require GPS trucking tracking. Review invoices and same day billing requires integration with billing program. API will be provided for integration.

iStrada has its own APIs that allows it to be fully integrated with dispatch, batch, GPS, and accounting programs. It's made to be a standalone product that you can implement with ConcreteGo or any other dispatch solutions or even without a dispatch. It also works with any batch control products in the market.

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