Jonel’s Business Solutions gives employees the information they need in real-time to make the decisions that will improve customer service, product quality, and add more to the bottom line.

Construction materials suppliers rely on front-line team members to make hundreds of decisions that impact bottom-line profitability every day. Because organizations store relevant information in a variety of distinct databases (i.e., accounting systems, dispatch systems and time tracking systems.), individuals struggle to gather relevant information when they need it.

Our product, Enterprise Strategic Insight (ESI), addresses this challenge by providing customers with an economical, customized database that connects data from dispatch, accounting, sales information, timekeeping, maintenance, quality control, and other systems. We use this data to deploy a simple, interactive system of dashboards that enable team members to access the right information at the right time to make the right decisions, every day.

ESI ANALYTICS: Insight is an executive “Dashboard”, providing up to the minute analysis of key business trends.
• Daily Customer Scorecards
• Daily Operations Profitability
• Define, measure, and improve KPI's
• Consolidate informaiton into one simple solution

CLUTCH MOBILE BI: Leverages the power of the mobile device by pushing business content beyond the company network directly to mobile managers.
• Pushes KPI's to mobile managers
• Alerts excessive startup/shutdown time
• Mobile drill down to ticket level detail
• Alerts excessive trip status times

Key features include:
Consolidated Analytics
Enhanced, centralized database that integrates data from multiple system databases used for dispatch (i.e., Command, Systech, Jonel, etc.), accounting (i.e., SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Great Plains, etc.), sales management (i.e., Sales Insight,, or spreadsheets), timekeeping (i.e., Kronos, Trak-It, Trimble, etc.), maintenance (i.e., TMT), Quality Control, or customized databases.

Role Based Reporting
Customizable templates designed to consolidate information from multiple data sources for specific roles such as general managers, sales professionals, plant and operations managers, customer service managers, maintenance managers

Scalable And Affordable
ESI information is automatically uploaded into the database on a daily basis. Dashboards use the power of Excel in concert with MS SQL and the xVelocity in-memory analytics engine to avoid expensive software costs


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