An innovative 24-unit social housing project constructed with LOGIXwas recently recognized by the Canadian Mortgage and HousingAssociation (CMHC) for "Best Practices in Affordable Housing" in 2008.

The Ucluelet First Nation spans nine reserves on the west coast ofBritish Columbia's Vancouver Island, where the moist and damp climatewrecks havoc on conventionally built homes.

"An average wood frame typically lasts for only 25 years in this region."states George Nenzel, the designer and site supervisor for the awardwinningproject. "In fact, I just recently inspected a stick-frame homethat will probably have to be demolished only 7 years after it was built.The problem is mould and it costs the CMHC millions of dollars everyyear in this region for retrofits and renovations due to moisture andmould."

The challenge presented to Mr. Nenzel and the other members of histeam, Linda McKoryk and Doug Muir, was to develop an exceptionallysustainable, and yet, affordable design for the project.

LOGIX ICF's were a key element in the project. The combination ofLOGIX walls with a hydronically heated concrete floor cut the heatload almost in half and eliminated the need for an expensive back upheat source normally required by CCMC on reserve. Interior LOGIX wallsurfaces were coated with acrylic stucco and cement-based siding wasapplied to the exterior. The roofs were finished in steel.

"The project came in on time and on budget." notes Mr. Nenzel. "Andthese units will provide comfortable, healthy and affordable housing forgenerations."

What's next for Mr. Nenzel and his design team?

"Our goal is to design and build a net-zero subdivision in a remotereserve using LOGIX." says Mr. Nenzel. " In these remote locations,the electricity is generated by diesel generators and costs hundreds ofthousands of dollars every year, even for a small community. Image theimpact of a net zero subdivision!"

LOGIX is the #1 selling ICF in North America. By providing a wallsystem that is more energy efficient, stronger, more sound resistant,and more environmentally sustainable than virtually any otherconstruction method, LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms make it easy tobuild green.