As part of the California Department of Transportation’s $1.6 billion Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) South Corridor Improvement Project, Oldcastle Precast, Perris, Calif., manufactured precast -prestressed concrete super girders to construct the Norwalk-San Antonio Bridge undercrossing section of the project.

The general contractor for the project, Security Paving, located in Sylmar, Calif., contracted Oldcastle Precast, Perris, Calif., to produce a total of 20, 158-foot long, precast-prestressed concrete super girders. The super girders are wide flange beam design and were 8,500 psi in compressive strength.

The first stage, consisting of seven Oldcastle Precast super girders, were set in place in two nights, for the new Norwalk-San Antonio Bridge undercrossing in Norwalk, Calif. According to Caltrans, this bridge girder is the longest (158.5 feet by 7 feet high) and the heaviest (200,000 pounds) ever produced and set for a Caltrans project. “Previously, the longest prestressed concrete girders were built on site at the State Route 2 Azusa Canyon Bridge in the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County,” Caltrans stated in a November 21, 2013 press release.

The San Antonio Bridge undercrossing is being constructed in three stages. The first stage entailed seven girders; the second stage contained 4 girders; and the third stage 9 girders. The bridge is comprised of prestressed girders (all are 158-feet long) supported by cast-in-place abutments that are transverse to the span and then a cast-in-place decking is placed atop the girders. The benefits of this type of bridge construction include: decreased construction time, improved safety for construction personnel and the public, improved structural performance and durability, and cost saving advantages.

The Santa Ana Freeway (I-5) South Corridor Improvement Project extends nearly seven miles from the Los Angeles County/Orange County line to I-605 to widen the freeway, bridges and overcrossings adding one High Occupancy Vehicle lane and one general purpose lane.

Completion of the entire project is scheduled for the end of 2015.

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