I remember Pokemon from the 1990s. I remember my younger cousin collected the trading cards and they’d end up scattered everywhere he went, and I’d have to pick them up. I guess that’s not much different than the latest Pokemon Go sensation.

The Pokemon Go mobile game was released earlier this month and has filled up my social media news feeds and local and national news coverage.

For those not familiar with the game, it uses your smartphone’s GPS and clock to detect where and when you are in the game to make Pokemon virtually appear around you. Your objective is to catch Pokemon by virtually launching red and white “Poke Balls” at them. As you move around, more Pokemon appear.

The intention is to encourage people to realize the world around them. The only problem is you need to walk around staring at your smart device to create an augmented reality world where you can catch them all. It’s fun, but can also be dangerous.

There are reports of people taking over national parks and monuments, streets, malls, and schools. Keeping in mind that safety is first and foremost, how cool would it be to catch a Pokemon on a ready-mixed plant or a construction site, or maybe by your products?

Grab a screenshot of your Pokemon capture and you might see it in an upcoming issue. Take a look at the examples below and tag us in your pictures on twitter (@TConcretePro), or send to them to me via email.