MixIt Ltd is one of the fastest growing businesses in East London, with four sites in Bow, Barking (producing concrete blocks), Tilbury and Edmonton. The company has further expansions plans, with another two sites in the pipeline. The company’s relationship with Rapid first began 22 years ago, when MixIt Ltd purchased a Rapid 1m3 pan concrete mixer in 1995 for installation in the company’s first batching plant at Bow, London. This mixer is still in operation today, producing over 20m3 readymix per hour. The company has since went on to purchase a further 4 mixers, a 4m3 pan mixer in 2014, a 3m3 pan mixer in 2015 and more recently two 3m3 pan mixers.

Rapid’s long standing supplier relationship with MixIt spanning 22 years is according to Jim Taylor, MixIt’s Managing Director, due to, “Rapid’s excellent technical support, customer service and in-house spare parts”. Mr Taylor also added that his preference is to deal with Rapid as, in his experience; the support offered is “far superior to Rapid’s European competitors”. Further commenting on his preference for Rapid mixers, he stated, “I am pleased with the quality of mixers from Rapid. The mixers are simple and effective, with good output levels and produce excellent quality concrete.” Speaking about the outputs levels achieved by the 3m3 and 4m3 pan mixers, Mr Taylor said that, “…the 4m3 pan mixer located at the Barking site produces 120m3 wet batch per hour and depending on how it’s loaded the 3m3 pan mixers can produce 96m3 per hour.”

Commenting on Mixit’s long standing relationship with Rapid, Jarlath Gilmore, Sales and Marketing Director – Rapid, stated, “We are delighted that Mixit has again decided to purchase a Rapid pan concrete mixer, a great choice for readymix producers! It’s been wonderful to witness Mixit’s growth over the last 22 years, supported by Rapid’s ability to provide high quality, reliable mixing solutions.”

The Rapid pan is a high capacity concrete mixer ideally suited to the ready mix industry, offering large outputs from 0.5m3 to 4m3. The Rapid pan concrete mixer is designed with longevity and low maintenance in mind, featuring durable chill cast wear sleeves and paddles, hardwearing chill cast tiles for wall and floor and heavy-duty discharge door mechanisms. The Rapid pan is customizable with the option of up to three hydraulic/pneumatic discharge doors and a wide range of additional optional extras. The mixer’s unique mixing arm fitment ensures that all materials are kept in constant motion in every direction, producing a consistent, homogenous mix. The mixer also features easy access for cleaning and maintenance and spring tensioned mixing arms for safety.

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