The Mountain Green Fire Protection District honored a Jack B. Parson Companies employee yesterday with a Citizen Commendation award for putting out a fire in Weber Canyon. Jerod Call was driving a concrete mixer truck west on Interstate 84 on September 18, 2017 when the semitrailer in front of him overturned. The truck caused a power pole to drop, which started a brush fire. Call immediately parked his concrete truck and began dousing the fire with the hose line from his water tank.

The semitrailer driver exited the vehicle from the front window and was able to walk away from the incident without serious injury. “The main thing was that the driver was okay,” Call said. “He was walking around after.”

“The guy in the semi took out nine sections of wall… I cannot say what happened, but the canyon was just as dry as it was for the Uintah fire that had happened here two weeks before that we were on for 11 hours,” Brian Brendel of the Mountain Green Fire District said. “With a little bit of wind the fire would’ve gone right up the hill. It really was a tremendous help for us.”

Brendel said that Call’s assistance not only helped them with the fire, but allowed the fire district the time to contain what could have been an environmental hazard. “The saddle tanks on these trucks can carry up to two hundred or three hundred gallons of diesel fuel. We weren’t worried about the fire [at this point] we were worried about where the truck was. He was over a bridge on the Weber River, so our big concern was that we didn’t want two-hundred gallons of diesel fuel down in the river.”

John Bramwell, Staker Parson Companies North Wasatch Senior Plant Manager said that safety is a top priority for the company. Bramwell is Call’s immediate supervisor. “Jerod Call is a great employee,” Bramwell said. “He is a good guy who is helpful all around.”This is not the first time a Jack B. Parson Companies driver has stopped to help put out a fire on the side of the road. Earlier this year Esaul Hernandez stopped on the side of the road on Interstate 15 to put out a fire. The company encourages employees to “See. Stop. And Do.” During safety training employees are taught that if they see something, they should stop and do something to help.