Technology is becoming more of a must-have tool in the construction trades according to a recent survey from Equipment World.  A majority (65%) of contractor respondents have a smartphone, up nearly 15% since 2011. Tablet use? That's growing as well, with 39 percent now using them.

And how they're using those devices may surprise you. Marcia Gruver Doyle writes:

The vast majority of respondents—95 percent—use the Internet to search for equipment information, an increase of 9 percent since 2011.  There have been modest changes in how respondents use the Internet, with a new emphasis on reading reviews of equipment models (up 13 percent) and reading reviews on forums (up 11 percent).

Video is  drawing interest as well, with 62 percent of 2014 respondents saying they visited YouTube, an 18 percent increase from 2011. App use is up also, with 50% more saying the use apps than in 2011.

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