For more than 25 years, The Concrete Producer has been the trusted information source for ready-mix and precast concrete producers. Its 13,000+ monthly visitors represent the pinnacle of the market, supplying the nation’s concrete industry with the materials it needs to thrive. TCP has delivered sought-after information you need to produce, manage, and compete, and now it’s all available in a new, user- and mobile-friendly website.

With a new software engine behind the site, Brightspot, we now bring you up-to-the-minute news on the industry and more in-depth articles in a more intuitive and organized site. There are only four main tabs for everything: Products, Business, Producers, and How-To. Whether you want to learn about a new mixer or understand how technology can help make your plant more efficient, it’s all here.

On the Products tab, you’ll find new product releases from the materials, production, fleets and equipment, and precast industries. As we get them, we post them, so you will always have access to the latest products available.

Under the Business tab, you’ll find up-to-the-minute industry news from mergers and acquisitions to developing rules and regulations. The Management section taps into information that managers need to help in decision making, including articles on safety, training, the economy, and industry issues. The Technology section covers things like software, communication equipment, and much more.

The Producers tab is home to our Producers to Watch and TCP Survey. Here we highlight producers who have succeeded through community service, leadership, safety records, and ability to advance through technology and continued education. The TCP Survey section gives you a look at the industry through the years — common trends, top producers, top deals, and overall sentiment —and an idea of what to expect next.

The How-To tab is divided into three sections: concrete production, fleets, and precast. Here, you’ll have access to everything from answers to common problems to new ways to be more efficient and productive in your operations.

You’ll find all the above mentioned tabs on the home page along with our Voices section — opinions and insights from TCP editors and columnists. Last but not least, also on the home page is a list of upcoming events, recent quick poll, access to the current TCP Survey, and a link to the Most Influential People in Concrete Production.

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