A century of product expertise is only one of Titan America’s strengths. The vertically integrated producer takes pride in its social initiatives, including environmental issues, community outreach, and wildlife preservation.

The U.S. subsidiary of Greek Titan Cement Co., with cement, aggregate, and ready-mix operations around the world, is headquartered in Norfolk, Va. Titan America has nearly 2000 employees, and operates in nine states and eastern Canada.

Timothy Kuebler, Titan America’s chief government affairs officer, explains the company’s mission: “We are fostering policy change that lends itself to utilizing sustainable concrete. This will improve our society, our environment, and our economy. We need our elected officials to think harder about the choices we are making in our built environment…Are they long lasting, safe, and efficient?”

It’s a goal that Titan works diligently to fulfill. Its Roanoke Cement Co. and Pennsuco Cement plants have been Energy Star-certified by the EPA, and both were recognized in the PCA’s 2013 Cement Industry Awards program for their community outreach efforts.

But Titan doesn’t stop at energy efficiency. The producer has implemented programs to protect the wildlife surrounding its plants. The Roanoke and Pennsuco plants have partnered with Trout Unlimited and Virginia Save Our Streams to educate the community about preserving wildlife habitats.

Along with its numerous social initiatives and in the wake of the recent economic downturn, Titan saw an opportunity to take a more proactive strategy for garnering business. So it developed the Titan Advocacy team, a group of employees that promotes sustainable development through concrete materials. Only 6% of American roads are concrete-paved, so part of the team’s goal is to educate policy-makers about the sustainable, and increasingly economic, advantages of concrete.

“We are not waiting for the future to come,” says Ayis Mikrakis, a Titan advocate. “Rather, we are driving the future.”

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