Wells Concrete Products, from its base in rural Wells, Minn., has grown to be a substantial prestressed and ready-mixed concrete producer. Under the leadership of recently retired president Dave Buesing, the company grew and expanded to North Dakota with the acquisition of wholly owned subsidiary Concrete Inc.

Since Buesing retired in 2006, the reins have been handed over to John Rivisto. Both men, managers, and shareholders recognized it was time to create a strategic plan to plot the future.

“The entire organization is excited about the future plans we've created,” says Rivisto. MJS Management Services helps us understand the current situation and identify opportunities.

“We were able to involve a lot of our people,” Rivisto adds. “This was very worthwhile and has generated much enthusiasm, energy, and good ideas. With our new leadership, highly motivated team, and many opportunities, we are looking forward to a rewarding future.”

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