WheresMyConcrete is a cloud-based dispatching, analytics, and customer interaction software for concrete producers and their customers. Customers manage their jobsites more effectively because they can view real-time truck maps, the status of all orders, approved mix designs, and digital tickets and signatures.

Andrew Valente with Jenna Concrete in New York says the software offers transparency and quality service to his customers. “I’ve worked with WheresMyConcrete for a year and I couldn’t ask for a better program,” he says.

Michael Saccente, president of Titan Concrete in New York City, says that WheresMyConcrete is the best tool for dispatch billing and truck demand. Titan concrete has increased its fleet by 25 trucks and seen a significant increase in customer satisfaction.

“The customer is an important portion of telematics. We want customers to know exactly where their trucks are, ETAs to their jobsites, how their deliveries are spaced, and see live traffic between our plants and their jobsite,” says Saccente.

Before telematics, Titan Concrete was unsure how to grow its operation profitability while still providing high customer value along the way. “We have leveraged automation to be able to do a lot more without adding a lot more work for our employees,” says Saccente.

By allowing customers to track their own trucks, the producer reduces unnecessary phone calls to dispatch about truck locations, the amount of yards shipped, and order times. Digital tickets and auto-statusing have simplified how Titan tracks and bills its concrete.