The Seal/No Seal Group brings you a first look at the results on the current research and testing of sealants and joints. Recently, two presentations have commented on the preliminary findings on the testing of the effectiveness of joint sealants. These results are the first step in reaching a definitive answer in the question of whether sealing a joint is in the best interest of the longevity of the pavement.

At the Transportation Research Board 91st Annual Meeting in January, Tom Burnham, P.E., of the Minnesota Department of Transportation presented the "Impact of Sealed Joints on Performance of Thin Whitetopping at MnROAD." Burnham explains their findings, how sealing joints can make a POSITIVE difference and MnROAD's recommendations. See Tom's TRB presentation here.

The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) has ongoing research on the use of joint sealants, the types of sealants, and the reasons for failure. The long-awaited preliminary results are now available and outline what TTI has tested to-date and their findings.

Learn about the results in Preliminary Findings in the SNS/TTI Research.