A revolutionary new salt-water concrete said to be more cost-effective, strong, and durable than conventional fresh water concrete was introduced by A.I.M. Resources, Nevada.

The cornerstone of this technology is the use of the company's treated ocean (salt) water with existing concrete mixes. The treated ocean water does not require removal of the salt element from the water. The resulting concrete is referred to as C*-Crete.

Research and development began 10 years ago to economically develop a process in which seawater or brackish water and its minerals and other constituents could be used in concrete mixtures. These source waters are readily available on a global scale, unlike fresh water, which is often costly and limited.

C*-Crete is especially useful for locations difficult to access, large flat areas, underwater applications, and over long distances. Based on independent studies, C*-Crete does not deteriorate or require costly repairs; steel reinforcements do not corrode, nor is there a reaction to alkalis, sulfates, nitrates, chlorides, water or other chemical solutions. This technology is presently being introduced into the Middle East for use in various construction projects.