Last August, small business owner Steve Cottingim began looking for cost effective solutions in his concrete business. Since 2004, Complete Conveyor Services had relied on its fleet of six conveyors to pour foundations for large wind towers, but that changed when the Newark, Illinois-based company took delivery of its first 37-meter SANY Concrete Pump Truck.

"The SANY pump truck is very easy to operate and I plan to purchase at least two more by the end of the year," Cottingim said. "We only pump high-volume jobs and I am really looking forward to pumping 125,000 yards in Texas this month."

Like many small business owners, Mr. Cottingim has sought solutions to rising prices in his industry. He admits he was not expecting to purchase a concrete pump truck at first, but he made the decision after evaluating SANY's pump trucks against other equipment on the market.

"When you run the numbers and consider the reliability of SANY's concrete pumps, it just makes financial sense to move toward this technology. SANY's pump truck offers better financial margins than traditional conveyor systems, and the company has a reputation of standing behind its products," Cottingim included.

That reputation for quality, reliability and support helped SANY win its place on this year's Financial Times Global 500 list, a global ranking of the largest businesses by market capitalization. As one of the world's largest heavy equipment manufacturers, SANY was also ranked on the Forbes 2011 Most Innovative Companies list.

"When I met with Mr. Cottingim, I knew a SANY pump would fit his needs. Because he pours wind tower foundations, he often works in remote locations and needs equipment that is easy to transport," said Tom Redding, sales manager for SANY Concrete Pumps. "Our 37-meter pump truck offers the right combination of boom length and output volume to let him better serve his customers."

Since entering the US market in 2006, SANY has invested in developing products tailored to the unique demands of the US market. In late August SANY America moved to its new 400,000 square-foot headquarters in Peachtree City, Georgia, and the company recently announced plans to build a $25 million research and development center at the location.

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