Sany Heavy Industry has responded to the disaster in Japan by providing a Sany 203foot (62m) truck-mounted concrete pump to support the water spraying operation at the nuclear power plant.

The company is responding to a request for emergency assistance from Tokyo Electric Power (TEP) through China’s Foreign Ministry. It is estimated the concrete pump will arrive in Japan this week.

According to a media spokesperson from Sany Heavy Industry, Japan requested a 203 foot pump to use in high-level water supply to cool the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. TEP has been using equipment such as fire trucks, military helicopters and truck-mounted concrete pumps to spray water into the reactors, trying to cool them down. TEP knew that Sany manufactured a concrete pump with the longest boom reach in the world so sent a purchase inquiry for a Sany SY5502THB truck-mounted concrete pump to Sany Heavy Industry. After hearing of the situation in Japan, Liang Wengen, chairman of Sany Heavy Industry, offered the pump free of charge.

According to Yang Zhi hua, the vice general manager of Sany Overseas, the concrete pump will mainly be used in the water spraying operation for the No 4 reactor. The reactor is 151feet (46m) high and the concrete pump has to keep a 46foot (14m) distance from it.

The pump, valued at US$900,000, has been donated to TEL. To ensure it can withstand the long hours ahead of it, Sany has included extra wear parts with the machine. Sany will also send two or three engineers to Japan to assist with this task.