ASA's two-hour webinars, presented by leading attorneys and advisors from around the country, will help participants identify how successful subcontractors expand and maintain their business edge. The registration fee is $199 per webinar for ASA members and $279 for nonmembers.

Participants will be provided with a special Web site address to log into the presentation, and a toll-free number and code for the audio portion of the program.

The programs will be presented from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Eastern time.

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Collection Strategies for Specialty Trade Contractors
Speaker: Scott Blakeley, Esq., Blakeley & Blakeley LLP, Irvine, Calif.
Subcontractors can take affirmative steps, starting with the right contract provisions, to make their collection efforts easier if customers do not pay on time. Learn collection strategies and methods successfully used by other specialty trade contractors. Discover how to use proper invoicing, credit guarantees, credit products, contract provisions, and commercial regulations to make your customers pay for your properly completed work.

The Tax Man Cometh: Year-End Tips to Avoid Overpaying Your Taxes
Speakers: Mel Schwarz and Todd Taggart, Grant Thornton LLP, Minneapolis, Minn. and Washington, D.C.
Don't be one of the thousands of businesses that overpay their federal taxes. Designed for specialty trade contractors and their tax professionals, this program will outline ways to help manage your tax burden. Learn about the implications of recent changes in federal tax law, deferred compensation plans, domestic production activities deductions, capital asset depreciation methods, leasing companies, employee benefit packages, sales and use taxes, and travel, meal, and entertainment expenses.

Redefining Your Corporate Culture for Success
Speakers: Ed Reeve and Laura Frankos, TDIndustries Inc., Dallas, Texas
Does the company operate with the kind of energy and professionalism that satisfies you, or is there room for improvement? Discover ways in which you can redefine your company and its productivity through training and recognition programs. Understand the connection between your company's reputation and its bottom line, and learn how to attract better employees – and better customers.

Negotiating Win-Win Solutions with the ASA Subcontract Addenda
Proposed Speaker: Donald Gregory, Kegler, Brown, Hill & Ritter, Columbus, Ohio
Move beyond the same old arguments and learn how to convince customers that they will benefit as much or more than you will from the fairest deal. Learn how to use the ASA Addendum to Subcontract and the short-form ASA addendum as tools for reaching real compromises that both you and the customer can live with. Find out when using the addenda is most appropriate and how to integrate these important documents into your negotiation strategies.

Developing a Corporate Ethics Policy Speaker: TBD
You are committed to ensuring that ethical lapses don't hurt the company's reputation and morale, but what's next? Learn how to develop an ethics policy that fits your company's unique needs and helps employees – from the highest executive to the lowliest laborer – make the right choices when faced with ethical dilemmas. See how having an ethics policy can make a difference when facing problems like bid shopping and bid peddling, slow payment and nonpayment, and corruption.

Mind the Gaps: What Subcontractors Need to Know Before Jumping on Board an OCIP or CCIP Project
Speaker: Richard Usher, Hill & Usher, Phoenix, Ariz.
Contrary to the hype, the promised savings and benefits of Owner Controlled and Contractor Controlled Insurance Programs are not free. A typical OCIP or CCIP project exposes subcontractors to risks and expenses in ways that are not always easy to anticipate. Learn what kinds of questions every subcontractor needs to ask before agreeing to work under a consolidated insurance program, or “wrapup.” Don't end up later regretting that you did not ask the right questions upfront. It is very important to look before you leap and be ready to decide when jumping on board is not right for you.

Bidding Smarter with Bid Conditions
Speaker: Scott Holbrook, Esq., Crawford & Bangs, Covina, Calif.
The reality of the construction industry makes it unthinkable for subcontractors to work on a handshake. Increasingly, agreeing to perform work under post-bid “mutually agreeable terms” poses risks. One of the most effective strategies subcontractors can use to reduce risk is conditioning bids. Learn about the methods of conditioning bids, including how and when to employ the ASA Subcontractor Bid Proposal form.