Here are six myths and fallacies that we believe are holding back the residential building and business community from taking the necessary steps to invest in people, processes, and technology that will alleviate the current--and worsening--construction capacity crisis.

  1. Construction's labor capacity challenge is a post-Great Recession issue, reflecting a "new generation" of young people who are all college-bound and set on white collar career paths.
  2. Construction's labor shortages can only be solved by attracting young men.
  3. Automation and technology will eliminate the need for skilled construction artisans.
  4. Construction's labor shortage is just like the capacity constraints impacting U.S. trucking, quick serve restaurants, farming, and other manufacturing industry sectors.
  5. Construction needs as many laborers now to achieve a norm in housing starts and completions as it did during the peak years of the middle part of the last decade.
  6. Construction's capacity constraint is a training issue.
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