Speakers have been selected for the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s 6th annual International Concrete Sustainability Conference to be held August 9-11 in Cambridge, MA, just outside of Boston. More than 60 experts from all over the world will present the latest developments related to design, specifying, manufacturing, testing, construction, maintenance and research of concrete as it relates to sustainability. Topics include:

  • Low Impact Development
  • Urban Heat Island Reduction
  • Carbon and Energy Footprint
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Green Concrete
  • Recycled Materials
  • Performance-based Concrete
  • Government and Private Initiatives

Speakers and topics being presented include:

  • Recycled Concrete Aggregates for Use in New Concrete, Dr. Clause Vestergaard Nielsen, Denmark
  • Performance of Slag-Cement Concrete Subject to Early Carbonation Curing, Dr. Yixin Shao, McGill University, Canada
  • Energy Management and Corporate Sustainability - The Practical Approach, Chris Bayne, Titan America, U.S.
  • A Sustainability Performance Index for Concrete, Dr. B. Bhattacharjee, IIT Delhi, India
  • Metrics and Decision Processes for Assessing Low Impact Development (LID) BMP Performance to the Maximum Extent Feasible in a Highway Setting, Dr. Liv Haselbach, Washington State University, U.S.
  • Recycling of Crushed Demolished Concrete in Structures, Dr. Ahmed Al-Badawi Sayed, El-Minia University, Egypt
  • Sustainability Rating Systems - Why Bragging Rights Aren't Enough, Gary Demich, H.W. Lochner (consultants), U.S.
  • Green Infrastructure for Stormwater Management, Lisa Hair, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Effect of Wall Construction Materials on the Air Leakage of Single-family Houses, Hannah Durschlag, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.
  • Concrete Pavement Sustainability-Current Success and Future Opportunities, Jim Grove, Federal Highway Administration/Global Consulting Inc., U.S.

The conference provides learning and networking opportunities on the latest advances, technical knowledge, continuing research, tools and solutions for sustainable concrete manufacturing and construction. This year’s conference will take place at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Campus.

The 2011 International Concrete Sustainability Conference is being held in conjunction with the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub 2011 Industry Day scheduled for August 11. Registrants for the International Concrete Sustainability Conference may attend both events for the same fee.

For a complete list of speakers and topics being presented, or to register for the conference, visit www.sustainabilityconf.org.

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