Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association

Nearly 100 Fort Worth children in need are now enjoying brand new bicycles, thanks to Texas Aggregates & Concrete Association’s (TACA) Emerging Leaders Academy. Through the Children’s Charities of Fort Worth, the Academy presented over half of the bicycles to children on Saturday, Aug. 3 at the Fort Worth Trinity Park, which was the second of two bike presentations held this summer. The bikes were assembled by Academy participants and other TACA volunteers at TACA’s Annual Meeting in Grapevine this past June.

TACA’s Emerging Leaders Academy is a rigorous three-year program designed as a platform for personal and professional development for members of the aggregate, concrete, and cement industries. In its fourth year, the Academy provides engaging coursework dedicated to developing leadership skills and offers accredited industry leader certification.

The community service initiative is a key part of the program in which Academy participants identify, fundraise for, and coordinate a donation to a charity they believe will have the biggest community impact. Third-year participants are tasked with choosing the charity. “The great thing about the Children’s Charities of Fort Worth is that it’s not just one charity; it’s an organization that helps 15 local charities,” said Kristel Perry, marketing manager for Capitol Aggregates and a third-year Emerging Leaders participant. “We are proud that we get to help children from all different backgrounds.”

Over the past three years, the total value of the Emerging Leaders Academy community service initiatives is over $100,000 in contributions, including parts and labor.

Angie McIrvin, Board President for Children’s Charities of Fort Worth, agreed with the focus and benefit of the project. “There are so many kids in need,” said McIrvin. “Giving bikes to 100 area children, who would not have been able to afford such a gift, is truly a life-changing event. It warms our hearts to make such a difference in the community.”

For more information on TACA and its Emerging Leaders Academy, please visit www.tx-taca.org.