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Portland cement is one the most widely used building materials across the world. Patented over 200 years ago, not much has changed in its production process. While Portland cement has been a reliable product preferred for its durability, more attention is being payed to modify its creation as harmful emissions to the environment become more of a concern.

Some companies have been developing solutions to minimize concrete's carbon footprint. CarbiCrete, based in Québec City, Canada, replaces concrete with steel slag, a byproduct of the steel-making process. Using carbonation activation, CO2 is injected into wet concrete to give it strength; the result is a concrete product that consumes more CO2 than is emitted. CarbonCure Technologies, based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, captures liquid CO2 waste from industrial sites then injects it into a concrete mixer, where a chemical reaction converts the carbon into a mineral, reducing emissions and strengthening the concrete.

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