Daqri has been hard at work developing an augmented reality helmet. Unlike virtual reality which takes over your entire field of vision, augmented reality tricks your eyes into seeing virtual objects overlaid onto the real world in front of you.

The company, unlike others, is focused on making industries like construction both safer and more efficient. Each helmet has sensors and cameras, a battery life designed to be long enough to wear it out in the field, as well as two USB ports allowing companies to add things like flashlights or gas detectors to the helmet.

Here is a small description of the helmet's uses:

Imagine looking at a field of pipes and being able to identify them and what's flowing through them. Instead of keeping employees in the control room to monitor data, a worker could be able to tell if a measurement is out of line just by having the camera on the helmet read it. If needed, their boss could also tap into the cameras on the helmet to see the same view and troubleshoot together.

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