A full implementation plan would take an entire article but here are seven basic steps we suggest:

1. Get leadership to embrace the technology.

2. Strategically select your team and prototype your first project. Choose a PM and superintendent willing to work with a new idea.

3. Plan the plan. Choose a project that provides an opportunity and select the simplest BIM components to work with. Don’t attempt to do schedule, lifts, and rebar all on the first project. Don’t bite off too much.

4. If you are going to do the BIM work in-house, have your team attend events like Autodesk University or Revit Technology Conferences to optimize BIM knowledge.

5. If you are going to outsource the BIM work, find a team that understands BIM for construction. Others might not deliver the needed content.

6. Implement on the selected project and measure the results. This is more about a process change than “magic software.”

7. Return to step 2 and repeat.