Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors wirelessly transmit real time data on concrete temperature and strength development to your device, allowing remote access to information critical to the success of your construction project.

Maturix Smart Concrete Sensors plug into a sacrificial thermocouple cable that is embedded in concrete during casting. The sensors are reusable and offer unlimited use for a low fixed cost. Real-time temperature data is transmitted to the Maturix Monitoring & Reporting Service via the Sigfox IoT network. The service is accessible on any internet-connected device, eliminating the needs for on-site visits. Advanced software calculates maturity, strength, temperature differential, and other valuable data and displays it to the user in a simple, intuitive interface in any web browser.

Maturix reports and predicts concrete strength development based on ASTM C1074 - Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method. Real-time temperature and strength development data enables contractors and engineers to take action that will reduce risks, keep a record of information, and allow time saving decisions during stripping, tensioning, loading or opening. This technology is more reliable than non-representative crush tests, which are expensive and time consuming.

Maturix is designed with the user in mind. The sensors immediately verify that they are reading data from the thermocouples in the field so that you can confidently proceed with the concrete pour. The reporting interface can be customized to meet the user’s preferences with alerts and notifications provided to one or more members of your team, so that everyone can be informed in real-time and decisions can be made to maximize productivity and maintain quality.

Real- time monitoring of structures is an evolving field in the construction industry made possible through the rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) – the interconnected digital network allowing everyday objects to be embedded with electronics collecting and sharing data.

Maturix offers time savings over single- use sensors that require a person to physically visit the job site to collect data through short broadcast range Bluetooth devices. Maturix technology runs on the Sigfox 0G network, the world’s largest IoT network covering one billion people in 65 countries. Sigfox’s long- range and low- power demand network allows the longest battery life available.

In addition, Kryton offers a lifetime sensor replacement warranty. No other concrete sensor can claim the same reliability, unlimited reusability, and real- time monitoring that will help contractors save time and money.

In September, 2019 Kryton International Inc., a world leader in innovative concrete technology, became the largest shareholder in Sensohive Technologies ApS of Odense, Denmark, the developers of Maturix technology. Maturix is used by leading construction companies throughout Europe and is proven to increase productivity and improve quality because they now know when the concrete is ready to progress. With real-time, in situ data they can optimize construction schedules, improve safety and reduce expensive failures. Kryton International is introducing this innovative product to the North American market at World of Concrete 2020.

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