In today’s competitive landscape, construction firms need to leverage current technologies in their business strategy. Innovations in site monitoring alone have proven to increase efficiency and productivity, while improving communication.

The insights that real-time jobsite monitoring deliver can transform how you manage your projects. The visual data collected during the execution phase can significantly influence project outcomes relating to schedule, quality, and safety. In fact, cameras can impact many challenges construction managers face every day such as the need for increased productivity and improved collaboration, while also securing the jobsite during and outside of normal work hours.


Site cameras can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, allowing project stakeholders to monitor multiple sites from anywhere. This approach reduces travel costs and time driving from site to site, while allowing you to gain real-time multi-site remote access and progress monitoring, to avoid costly rework and delays with as-built documentation and collaboration, and to simplify your workflow (integrations include Procore, Autodesk BIM 360, PlanGrid, Reconstruct and more).

Multi-site Real-time Progress and Visual Documentation Made Easy for Agree Realty Corp


Let's face it: Miscommunications happen. Site technology, cameras in particular, allow project managers and superintendents, subcontractors, field service technicians, A&E's, inspectors, suppliers, and owners to communicate and collaborate with ease. Remote viewing, live video streaming, image compare and markup, automated as-built documentation, and even public URL's can be used to promote transparency and build trust.

Solution Provides Real-time Remote Site Monitoring and Collaboration for Sundt Construction

Site intelligence solutions continue to advance, giving project managers comprehensive visibility into every stage of the building process while enabling greatly improved communication and collaboration with project stakeholders. From cameras, mobile apps, and drones collecting visual documentation, to edge-based analytics and integrated BIM and Project Management platforms, real-time insights are at a project manager’s fingertips.


Construction sites are often the target of theft and vandalism. Complete your site intelligence solution with smart security cameras to receive critical real-time intelligence 24/7. Motion-detected event notification alerts are pushed to your email or mobile device (via SMS/text), including a video clip or images of the triggering event for rapid review and response.

Solution Enhances Customer Experience, Progress and Security for Koncept Design & Build

There is no question jobsite cameras provide a more extensive and growing range of capabilities to jobsite awareness. Whether your value proposition is collaboration, security, marketing, productivity, or compliance, cameras have greatly improved visual monitoring, resulting in productive operations.

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