First there was physical models, then realistic renderings ... now the latest version of Revizto (Vizerra, price varies), a suite of apps that turns BIM and CAD models into navigable 3D environments, supports the Oculus Rift DK2 (Development Kit 2) headset. The result is a virtual-reality look at architectural designs. Architect magazine, a sister publication to Masonry Construction recently showcased the new offering.

According to writer Wanda Lau operating the system is easy:

 After plugging the DK2 headset, which weighs in at 0.97 pounds, into a compatible PC or Mac device and running the free Revizto Viewer, users will find themselves transported into their project’s 3D model. Users can scan the space by moving their heads, but must use an old-fashioned mouse to advance down corridors and into different rooms. In other words, they can’t nod or think their way through the building (yet).

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