Field Managers can Now Easily and Affordably Access 3D Constructible Models and Real-time Digital Information.

To solve problems on today’s construction site, field managers need more information than a paper plan can give them. The affordable and easy-to-use Trimble SitePulse System offers field managers access to the same 3D constructible models, GNSS positioning and real-time digital information used by construction surveyors, grade checkers and machine operators on the job site.

Using the SitePulse System, field managers can: • Make decisions faster, reinforced by accurate documentation
• Reduce the dependency on the surveyor by performing simple positioning tasks
• Access up-to-date data to support decision-making
• Increase production, reduce rework, and document work quality
• Improve communications between the field and office by connecting more people on the jobsite

SitePulse keeps field managers, operators and the office all on the same page.

SITEPULSE SYSTEM COMPONENTS TRIMBLE SITEPULSE SOFTWARE - access feature location information, navigate to points of interest, check issues, perform basic measuring tasks and sync information in real time with the office.

FIELD TABLET OPTIONS - choose either a rugged Trimble Site Tablet with advanced connectivity options, or a third-party Android device.

RECEIVER OPTIONS - the SPS585 GNSS Smart Antenna is a lightweight, affordable compact receiver designed for field managers. For applications that require higher precision, contractors also have the option to choose from high accuracy Trimble SPS985 or SPS985L GNSS Smart Antennas.

CONNECTING FIELD MANAGERS Part of the Trimble Connected Site solutions portfolio, SitePulse includes:
• Wireless Data Sync - Eliminate the time and cost of driving data files to and from the field. Design changes and issue reports can be sent between the field and the office wirelessly.
• Virtual Reference Station (VRS) networks and Trimble Internet Base Station Service (IBSS) - Broadcast corrections using the Internet over a wider range with no base station on site.


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