WorkMax TIME + ASSETS connects the field to the office by tracking labor hours, asset assignment and usage per project, and completed work by cost code. Data is collected with smartphones,company tablets or iPads with offline capabilities to allow businesses to capture accurate data no matter where employees are working.

Unlike any other employee time tracking solution on the market, WorkMax TIME handles multiple workflows for time entry and allocation with options for employees and/or supervisors to enter or allocate time. The multiple workflows give businesses the freedom to manage and allocate labor hours and costs in real-time, real-time with after-the-fact allocation, or with digital time sheets. Businesses can utilize one or all of the workflows at the same time. Other data capture options available include Kiosk mode and crew Clock IN/OUT.

WorkMax TIME + ASSETS automates permission profiles based on the organizational structure and project cost structure from a business's accounting system. No more irrelevant pick list options with hu ndreds of fields for employees to select. With WorkMax’s permission profiles, employees in the concrete department will only see the concrete jobs their crew is assigned, concrete-specific tasks related to the jobs they’re assigned, and concrete tools and equipment needed for the tasks assigned to that project. Every time a new employee is assigned to the concrete department, the right job cost data automatically appears in their WorkMax TIME + ASSETS app.

Permission profiles are not limited to just locations/jobs, cost codes/tasks, or departments like most other time or asset apps. Businesses can create custom lists to track fields like per diem, leave codes, or anything they want.

WorkMax TIME also uses true facial recognition on Clock IN/OUT and provides a match percentage and alerts businesses when it’s outside their predetermined accuracy threshold. Facial Recognition assures businesses that they have the right person entering labor hours. WorkMax’s unique mobile-to-mobile transfers make it easy to keep track of construction equipment and tools moving between employees and job sites in real time. With TIME + ASSETS, businesses confidently know who has each piece of equipment.

WorkMax works the way concrete construction companies work and optimizes their workflows all in one app. WorkMax TIME + ASSETS allows employees or supervisors to Clock IN/OUT employees at the same time as they Check IN/OUT any tools or equipment. WorkMax TIME + ASSETS sets itself apart from competitors because it not only tracks labor hours, asset assignments, asset usage, and asset inventory, it can also track the number of operator hours associated with specific tools or equipment. WorkMax TIME + ASSETS is much more than just a better spreadsheet; it organizes a company’s asset inventory all in one centralized place, and makes it easy to keep asset inventories organized through the use of parent/child hierarchies while accurately assigning labor costs to the right projects, right cost codes, and right custom lists of data businesses need their employees to track.

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