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A strong new specialized presence in architectural concrete enters Colorado’s design and construction community in the form of The Art of Concrete, LLC. Determined to realize edge-of-the-envelope decorative concrete designs, The Art of Concrete commits to working collaboratively with owners, designers, and contractors. Proud business partners Karen Keyes, a well-known figure in Colorado’s architectural concrete industry, and Ryan Lakebrink, relocating from Washington, MO both derive their passion for specialty hardscapes from growing up in family-owned concrete businesses.

“Ryan and I are delighted to be able to join forces with designers and builders across Colorado,” says Keyes. “Our goal is to advance the use of architectural concrete as an artistic investment that will be as visually remarkable as it is durable.” Keyes and Lakebrink are both life-long industry veterans, who see detailed preconstruction services as the most essential component of their ability to help designers understand the possibilities of concrete. Once the project transitions to construction, the Art of Concrete team has the resources to deliver high-quality concrete solutions on-time and on-budget.

“Delivering the wow factor on a commercial project is a complete team experience,” says Lakebrink, who serves on the Board of Directors for the both the ASCC’s Decorative Concrete and Concrete Polishing Councils. “Our design-assist expertise is complimented by many years of boots-on-the-ground technical knowledge gained as leaders of similar family-owned decorative concrete businesses. It’s going to be wonderful to combine our creative and technical strengths to deliver exceptionally artistic, high-performance concrete solutions.”

The Art of Concrete offers full-service design and construction for non-structural concrete including colored, exposed, stamped, and polished concrete combining topping systems, integral stains and dyes, and decorative site walls for both interior and exterior environments.