The April ACI meetings are always valuable for keeping up with the industry. Anne Ellis, ACI’s second female president, has taken the reins and gave a very impressive opening address. There was a great session about self-consolidating concrete and form pressures — we will repeat some of that work at the World of Concrete next January. Allen Face gave an interesting talk at the ACI 360 meeting about curl numbers. And ACI 302 (Slab Construction) completed a revised version of ACI 302.2, Guide for Concrete Slabs that Receive Moisture-Sensitive Flooring Materials. The next meeting is in Phoenix, Oct. 20-23.

Safety Pays

The American Society of Concrete Contractors’ Safety and Risk Management Council met during ASCC’s annual committee week in early May in St. Louis. With the mission of making ASCC members the “safest contractors in the concrete industry,” the council includes safety experts from companies like Baker, Webcor, Pankow, Ruttura, and Precision Concrete. One can learn a lot just by hanging around with this bunch. For example, how do you prevent injuries to workers on a mat of bars for a slab where the bar spacings are big enough to step into and wrench a knee? Some recommend placing a layer of mesh just for improved footing.

Pervious Maintenance

Alan Sparkman has written an article in this issue on maintaining pervious concrete. This is always an important issue, since, as he notes, landscaping workers will just dump dirt right onto pervious concrete. This article first appeared at Alan is executive director of the Tennessee Concrete Association and a tireless promoter of pervious. He leads the Pervious Concrete Live! demos at the World of Concrete. Alan worked at one time for The Aberdeen Group, which published Concrete Construction and was sold to Hanley Wood in 1998. At TAG he helped promote the original concrete website, The Construction Supernetwork, an idea that in 1996 was way ahead of its time.