SBU safety platform
SBU safety platform

ULMA Construction designed the new SBU Safety Platform to provide an optimally efficient, versatile and safe building solution, allowing our customers to work with wall formwork at any height in complete and guaranteed safety.

ULMA has security systems certified by reputable companies, such as GSV, AENOR and AIDICO that guarantee the collective protection of workers on site, providing working platforms for wall and column formwork, access stairs to different areas of work, scaffolding and foot bridges for work at height and perimeter protection systems (interior hollows or edge of slab).

The SBU Safety Working Platform is composed of Modular Scaffolding BRIO components, thereby offering synergy and resource optimisation through mutually compatible systems. All components are certified under the European Standards EN 12810-1/2 and EN 12811-1/2/3, which provide for safe working spaces and structures.

The modularity of BRIO Scaffolding components allows the SBU galvanised metal platform to adapt seamlessly to diverse geometries, and with the corner platform offer full coverage even at 90° corners. Its modular nature allows complete adjustment to the most diverse geometries and its great advantage lies in the option for it to be assembled on the ground and be lifted together with the whole set of formwork panels and pipe braces to the upper floors, providing the worker with a high level of safety when working with formwork structures with the platform previously incorporated.

In line with our policy of creating customer-focused solutions, the R + D Team at ULMA Construction designed the new SBU Platform to maximise performance and profit. The platforms feature an extensible corbel that allows for efficient stacking, resulting in significant space savings during transport.

ULMA accompanies each client from the start of every project until its final construction, studying the options for each site, designing the technical solution for formwork and scaffolding and providing the most suitable construction material, together with the safety systems that help to prevent possible incidents during the construction on site.

Assistance during assembly allows the optimization of the material supplied, adapting quantities at all times, avoiding unnecessary material on the construction site, and keeping transition areas clear of obstacles at all times. Trained scaffolders apply all the protection measures required by law through the implementation of innovative security systems developed by ULMA.


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