Students at the UTEC University campus, Lima, Peru, will soon have a new campus. Located in Barranco, Lima's southern district, the project features a dining hall, large cultural center with exhibition space, a library, and 10 floors of classroom, laboratory, and lecture hall space. Designed in the shape of a large arena, a key requirement is the short construction timeline.

According to Peri, which provided a customized formwork and scaffolding solution: “In the space of only 15 months, 40,000 cubic meters of concrete and 4,500 tons of steel have been brought into the required shape … the slab formwork concept developed by the Peri engineers is based on the Multiflex girder slab formwork, supported by lightweight aluminum Multiprop slab props and PERI UP Rosett shoring towers. As a result, the grandstand-style, staggered floor slabs with varying floor plans as well as different slab thicknesses and floor heights could be optimally constructed."