West Chester, Ohio - Verifi LLC, the leader in concrete truck mounted process control and information systems, today announced the launch of Verifi Disperse. This new system enhances and extends the Verifi Process Control System (PCS), by automatically adding not only water, but also dispersants to the concrete mix, while in transit. The automated slump management ensures that concrete will always arrive at the job site within the target slump rate. Verifi Disperse dramatically increases efficiency in the concrete production and delivery process.

"Verifi Disperse is an innovative and unique concrete management platform," said Robert Wilson, General Manager of Verifi, LLC. "Not only does our system increase efficiency at jobsites, it also improves productivity for concrete producers, by saving time and money, and significantly reducing rejected concrete loads. Verifi Disperse is a win-win for the entire construction industry."

The system delivers significant improvements in controlling concrete slump and other plastic concrete properties, resulting from the addition of admixtures much closer to the point of discharge.

"Verifi Disperse provides an unprecedented level of flexibility for both the concrete producer and contractor," commented Doug Groh, Director of Sales & Marketing, Verifi LLC. "It takes much of the uncertainty out of concrete production in the truck and during delivery by adding process control with admixtures on board."

Through Verifi Disperse, slump can be increased at the job site on contractor request without compromising strength. Water-cement ratio can be maintained, while still providing workability through dispersants. Another distinct benefit of Verifi Disperse is its ability to allow for the full truck capacity to be used in high slump mixes, by enabling the truck to travel with low slump concrete and then automatically dose dispersant to high target slump upon job site arrival.

The Verifi Disperse system embodies leading-edge ready-mix concrete management technology, and is the subject of pending worldwide patents. It offers a first-ever opportunity for concrete producers to ensure the delivery of consistent quality concrete to job sites - truck after truck. Verifi transforms the concrete production and delivery process by automatically checking concrete properties in-transit and modifying the mix to achieve target slump rates by adding water or admixtures. This revolutionary system dramatically decreases the rejection rates of concrete loads, thereby increasing efficiency at the job site and minimizing costly project delays.

You can find more information about Verifi LLC and the VERIFI system at www.verifitechnologies.com.