Mortar Net Solutions, the leading supplier of moisture management solutions for masonry walls, introduced “Quick Tips,” a series of instructional videos to help masons and craftsmen be more productive.

Quick Tips is just the latest addition to Mortar Net’s growing video library. Each Quick Tips video features short, detailed instructions with text detailing each step along the way. Each video includes narration and demonstration from Mortar Net’s own engineering and construction manager, Steven Fechino. Viewers can learn how to install BlockFlash™, how to use the EZ Twig, how to install metal drip edge on an inside corner and more.

“Those out in the field know that when you need answers, you need them now,” said Steven Fechino. “Quick Tips delivers helpful information in a fast, bite-sized format that will ensure that you not only save time learning to install our products, but also learn some handy tips to help make your workday easier. I’ve been in the masonry industry for over 35 years, and I sure wish someone had taught me how to work smarter, especially when I was starting out. That’s what we’re aiming for with our Quick Tips videos.”

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