Does the term “concrete repair” sound negative to you? Sort of like admitting defeat? The Vision 2020 group (which operates under the Strategic Development Council) led by Nam Shiu with Walker Restoration Consultants is trying to upgrade the image to emphasize the creativity needed to do concrete repair and the variety of the work. This is a very passionate group that has big plans, that and programs like the CIM Alcatraz Island Preservation Field School are helping to change the image of concrete repair to one of concrete revival.

ASCC Get-Together

Every year about this time the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) holds its Annual Meeting—this year with seminars on such topics as formwork, safety, high-rise construction, and polishing. So you won’t completely miss out if you weren’t there, we are working with a couple of the presenters to bring their presentation to the magazine with articles on the contractor/producer relationship and formwork for architectural concrete. But there’s really no way to recreate on paper or even on the web what you get from sitting down next to others who can share your pain and pride. Next year’s meeting is only 11 months away—plan now to be there.

Green Cement

The Strategic Development Council (SDC) is a concrete industry group dedicated to the “advancement of concrete technology in a way that results in improved industry efficiency and quality that benefits all.” In other words, this group helps push new ideas to the market, things like self-consolidating concrete, or new ways to control cracking, or green cement. The most recent SDC meeting was dedicated to green cement—limestone replacements, 100% fly ash mixes (like Ceratech), powdered glass, and cementitious materials that consume CO2 (CarbonCure). Interesting stuff—you can read more on my take in the two most recent issues of The Concrete Producer.

Joe Nasvik
Joe Nasvik

Changing Times

Here at Hanley Wood we are working very hard to adapt to the digital revolution. In some cases, electronic delivery is increasing while print is decreasing. One result of this evolution is that Joe Nasvik has left the CC staff--we wish him great success in his new endeavors. Our world is changing in ways that are sometimes difficult to understand, but I can assure you that the depth and quantity of our technical content will not be diminished.