Thursday, Jan. 20, 12 P.M-2 P.M.
Cost is $105.

Make the most of your future business opportunities using volumetric mixing and attend this luncheon and forum for contractors and producers to share tips, advice, and experiences. This luncheon will provide valuable information on how contractors can learn about this market, adopt industry-wide quality initiatives, and bring about a proper respect for this segment of the commercial construction business. Speakers will discuss bidding and contract specification process, the status of work on the two current ASTM standards C-94 and C-685 that affects volumetric procedures and insights on how volumetric producers can upgrade their own training efforts through an innovative online learning tool.

Speakers for this event include:

Boris Stein, vice president, Applied Engineering & Research Twining Inc.
Tips on how to turn project specification to include volumetric mixers.

Richard Szecsy, chair ASTM C-09
How to use ASTM standards as a quality booster in selling volumetric concrete.

Eric Krebs, co-director, World Center of Concrete Technology
Innovative approaches to training volumetric producers on quality mix designs and delivery.

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