One of the critical needs of our time is for the construction industry to establish a means of bringing into focus and giving expression to the common purposes of the myriad facets of the total industry. Much "to do" is made about our basic industries- steel, auto, rails. National economic trends are determined by their problems and/or settlements. None of these facilities spring up like mushrooms after a rain. They depend upon the construction industry to build them. Why, then, is the construction industry treated like a poor relative? Made a political football? Or harassed by stupid legislation? The answer is simple. The industry is fragmented. The solution, however, is obvious. Not until and unless the industry's two major forces, Labor and Management, jointly establish an industry-wide common front will the mutual interests an needs of the industry's components be fully served. Delay only invites further erosion of the industry's integrity, an integrity already grievously rent by secular dogmatic attitudes and now being attacked from without by cannibalistic forces which see construction's disunity as their opportunity to further divide and exploit it. History pleads with the construction industry to assert itself.