At the time of entry, companies can purchase two additional opportunities to help promote your product at World of Concrete to drive booth traffic and make your booth an attendee destination. If you decide to purchase either or both of these options, the MIP entry price remains at $550 even after October 9, 2017.

Option 1: World of Concrete Daily News Ad - Entrants also have the ability to purchase a 1/4-tabloid-page ad for their product in the World of Concrete Daily News, distributed to 35,000 WOC attendees. Entry price remains the same but the ¼-page ad will cost $950 as opposed to the $1500 rate card value! Other ad sizes available.

Option 2: World of Concrete Pre Show Planner (PSP) Ad – Branded under The Daily News, the Pre Show Planner digital issue reaches 200,000+ contractors and producers, before WOC. The PSP offers a guide to World of Concrete so attendees can begin the planning process and identify must see exhibits, your ad includes live links back to your web site. The half page Ad has been discounted 50% and other ad sizes are available.

  • MIP Entry: $550
  • MIP Entry + Ad in Daily News (1/4-tabloid-page)= $1500
  • MIP Entry + Ad in Pre Show Planner (1/2 Page) = $1350 **
  • MIP Entry + Ad in Daily News + Ad in Pre Show Planner = $2100 **

** = Only available until November 7, 2017.

Note: If you select any of these additional MIP opportunities, you will be contacted within 24 hours of entry submission. If you have any questions about these opportunities please contact Greg Cooke, [email protected])