• This year, the event area will focus on quality placement. Concrete will be placed at 1 p.m. each day, produced onsite using a volumetric mixer from Cementech. It will be struck-off using a roller screed. Stop by to see the newest techniques in placing this paving material.

    It is challenging to develop a pervious concrete mix that places easily, performs well, and has good durability. Generally problems with pervious concrete are related to water content, mixture proportions, or admixture dosing.

    Another challenge with pervious concrete is producing and placing it with the required in-place properties. We have found that if you can control fresh density, then strength and infiltration are predictable. For more check out:

    Density is our Destiny: A pervious concrete QA program results in a durable pavement.

  • For suggested changes from the concrete producer’s perspective:

    Troubleshooting Pervious Concrete: Controlling the mix is the key to success.

Pervious concrete will be produced using a volumetric mixer and placed using a roller screed at 1 p.m. each day at Pervious Concrete Live. Sponsored by Cemen Tech and Lura Enterprises. Register for World of Concrete 2016.

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