Coverage of MIP nominated products is extensive across all brands and media platforms. This includes:

Pre-Show Editorial Coverage: For the 2018 MIP Award program, we are offering expanded coverage of the nominated products. The MIP Award Program is sponsored by the official World of Concrete media brands: Concrete Construction, The Concrete Producer, and Masonry Construction. All brands will publish announcements promoting on-line voting and may include special coverage within their editorial coverage of the show.

In addition all nominated products will receive exclusive promotion including:

  • Each company nominating a product or service will receive a high-res MIP logo that they can include in marketing efforts promoting their product.
  • WOC Pre-Show Planner – A listing of all nominated products received by November 7, 2017, will be included in a special section of this digital magazine.
  • The description of each nominated product will also be submitted to the editorial staffs of Concrete Construction, The Concrete Producer, Public Works, and Masonry Construction. Products will be used by the appropriate magazines in their preshow coverage – both in print and on-line.

Vote MIP: This special micro-site on the Concrete Construction website is linked to all of our publications. Online voting will begin around December 15, 2017 and end February 7, 2018. Each product will have its own special ballot page. The ballot page will include:

  • Product name, image, exhibitor’s name, and booth number.
  • Product Application Description. Using your submitted 500-word description, we will prepare an edited description of your product. In this description, you may either provide more information on the innovation behind the product development, or provide a case history or application story. This is an opportunity to demonstrate how contractors or producers have used the product to solve problems, increase job site efficiency, improve quality, or enhance safety. You may also submit up to 6 additional images of the product to support this application story.
  • Link to exhibitor website
  • Link to product website (if provided)

Onsite Promotion

  • Photos of each product will be displayed in a special MIP area located next to the WOCGEAR store in the Grand Concourse area between North and Central Halls. The display will include the product’s image, exhibitor name, and booth number.
  • Each exhibitor will receive one MIP sign to display in their booth to encourage voting in the MIP award program.
  • The World of Concrete Program & Exhibits Guide will include a special section that lists each product, exhibitor’s name, and booth number.
  • Each product's short description provided with their entry will be published in all three editions of The World of Concrete Daily News.
  • Each exhibitor entering the MIP will receive 50 paper ballots for distribution in their booth plus a PDF of the ballot with which to print their own additional ballots.
  • Ballots will be available for pick up in the Daily News Room N218 beginning Monday, January 22, 2018 from 9am to 4pm.
  • There will be 3 ballot boxes on the show floor at WOC 2017. These are located near the entrance to each hall (lobby of South Hall, entrance to North Hall, and near the WOC Gear store in the Grand Concourse). Since the 2017 WOC closes at 1:00 PM on Friday, January 26, all paper ballots must be placed in one of these ballot boxes by 1:30 PM on Friday, January 26. Ballots placed in ballot boxes after that time will not be accepted.