The editors of Concrete Construction and The Concrete Producer hosted Self-Consolidating Concrete Today during the 2016 World of Concrete at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Monday, Feb. 1 from 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Several recent projects received formal recognition. Contractors who were involved in these featured projects were recognized for their successful use of self-consolidating concrete (SCC). These projects included:

  • The Midtown Tunnel – The specified compressive strength for the concrete on this project was 6,000 psi. The SCC consistently achieved strengths of 9,000 to 10,000 psi.
  • Salvador Dali Museum – The 60,000-square-foot building has 18-inch-thick concrete walls. This was Reinforced Structures Inc.’s first project using SCC.

The use of SCC has increased jobsite productivity and decreased the risk of arm injuries. Topics of discussion included everything from pumping solutions to employee safety. Click here for the Agenda and see the slideshow for the entire presentation: Part I /Part II

As part of SCC Today, 11 posters were produced on recent SCC projects in North America. Each poster includes photos of the project, the project team members, and the mix design for the SCC on the job.

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VIDEO: 2016 CC Live: Self-Consolidating Concrete Today with William Phelan
Euclid Chemical’s William Phelan discusses the Self-Consolidating Concrete program at World of Concrete. Planning and communication are critical when dealing with any high-performance concrete, Phelan says.